Termination & Forfeiture Policy

If, during any consultation, intake or coaching session, information shared by the client creates an uncomfortable feeling for the writer/coach or steps outside of our ethics and integrity base, Careers Advance will let the client know and reserve the right to terminate the service relationship.

Each coaching session and coaching program (multi-session series) is designed with our clients' goals in mind. Careers Advance will work with you to build a schedule that accommodates your life/work obligations and personal needs. However, we consider all coaching sessions/programs to be a fixed commitment to be completed in the agreed designated time frame. Our purpose is to provide service continuity while helping you to maintain momentum and generate desired results within your career campaign. As life can often interfere with set plans, Careers Advance offers a six month grace period for which to complete any coaching session/program from its original start date.

Please note that standard business practice is to collect full payment at the end of an individual coaching session or first session of a coaching program.

If you've contracted a coaching program and wish to cancel immediately after the first session has been fulfilled, you will be charged for time spent at the current per-hour coaching rate.

If for any reason after the first coaching session has been fulfilled you have chosen to stop participating in your coaching program (e.g., not initiated contact to schedule subsequent sessions or responded to our contact in the same regard), and the six month grace period has expired, you will by that choice forfeit any remaining sessions and other features included in your program.

Should you have any major concerns, emergencies, extreme hardships or significant conflicts during the course of any coaching or writing service, please advise us as soon as practical and we will work together to determine the appropriate course of action as it relates to your commitment.

* Corporate, institutional, and organizational clients are to refer to their specific contract for terms and conditions.