Service Policy

Careers Advance guarantees satisfaction in service and experience from the moment we connect. We offer multiple editing sessions for all writing services and intersession support via email and phone for all individual coaching programs in order to respond to immediate questions and concerns. We over deliver in every way feasible to ensure a world-class experience and best results possible.

Clients usually achieve immediate results and see incremental changes in their campaign success over the course of a coaching program or writing service. However, sustained change occurs when you, the client, are taking consistent action over a period of time. Outcomes vary by client and due to market conditions and company hiring needs/decision-making processes out of our control, specific results, including salary increases, promotions, and new employment cannot be guaranteed.

With a vested interest in our clients' success and well being, Careers Advance takes into account all personal and professional information the client is willing to share in order to develop customized career plans, job search strategies and networking/interviewing communications. However, coaching and the coaching relationship are in no way to be considered or construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Careers Advance will provide referrals to clients requiring services outside our scope of expertise.

As the client, you agree not to hold Careers Advance liable for any adverse actions or consequences created as a result of a specific comment, observation, process, inquiry, challenge, suggestion, etc. Deciding how to incorporate coaching into any area of your career and/or business, how to handle any issues that arise, and how you implement the choices you make is solely your responsibility.