Copyright Policy

As part of your invested Coaching Program, you receive valuable take-away resource materials, such as self-analysis exercises, topic-specific instruction guides, personal branding tools, and activity tracking spreadsheets. Some of these materials may be available for purchase for individuals seeking to enhance their campaign without entering into a Coaching Program. All such materials are the property of Careers Advance.

In such, if you have received our resource materials through an invested coaching program or purchased through us directly, they are for the sole purpose of supporting you in reaching your goals. No materials (guides, sheets, tools, etc.) may be shared, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means (written, digital, or otherwise) or used to produce derivative works without explicit written permission from Careers Advance. Violations will be assessed and addressed in accordance with copyright laws.

* Corporate, institutional, and organizational clients are to refer to their specific contract for terms and conditions.