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Do your cover letters generate excitement? Does your résumé lead to opportunities — opportunities you want? Do your follow up letters say more than ‘thank you’? If not, STOP.

Remember this: If you’re not confident in and excited about your written communication tools, chances are you’re market won’t be either. Let’s get confident and excited.

Cover/Positioning Letters
Recruiters and hiring managers read letters. They read them quickly, and usually without much emotion. Jazz up your campaign with a professional letter that: 

Establishes an instant and honest connection
Provides dynamic, supportive evidence for your candidacy
Persuades hiring managers to read your résumé
Sets you apart from the competition

Without a cover letter, your résumé is just blowing in the wind. Without an eye-catching, targeted cover letter, your résumé will carry little weight.

We can help you create a great first impression with a dynamic, tailored cover letter that generates excitement to read your résumé.

As you may know, there is no such thing as job security.

Layoffs, downsizing, closings, mergers, financial scandals and industry changes happen every day.  And new jobs, careers and companies are born every day.

Whether you are a student, entry level professional, manager, executive, consultant, entrepreneur, return-to-work professional or career-change seeker, you need a top-notch résumé. And, depending on your particular opportunities, you may need a Professional Bio, Personal Statement, Personal Profile or Letter of Intent. 

Careers Advance has built a national reputation of offering best-in-class writing services with unparalleled personal care. What we do is take the time to understand your story. In fact, we challenge you to tell it. Through detailed questionnaires and phone intake sessions, we read and listen between words. We gather the most compelling and relevant information necessary to uncover your brilliance and potential so that You and Your Market believe in you.

We help you:

Identify your unique selling points
Accentuate your attributes and talents
Qualify and quantify your achievements
Capture your past, package your present and translate it all into your future

We help incite ‘the call’ by creating top-notch communication tools that are:

Eye-opening, engaging and results-oriented
Clearly targeted towards that specific goal
Positioning you as the candidate of choice

Follow Up Letters
Most interviews and networking meetings end at the door. 

Hiring managers and recruiters are pressed to make good decisions fast. It’s up to you, the job seeker, to tip the scale and weigh them in your favor. 

The obvious reason for sending a follow up letter, email or card is to show appreciation and sincere interest.

However, the not-so-obvious reason is that follow up letters provide a unique opportunity to remind the reader of specific points covered in the meeting while allowing you to address what wasn’t covered in the meeting. 

For instance, if you forgot to mention a particular skill or experience that is relevant, if you feel you weren’t thorough enough in your responses, if you didn’t get a chance to rebut a possible objection, or if you’d like to truly prove you are ready, able and willing to take the process to the next step, a follow up letter gives you the chance to do all the above and more.

Proper follow up can truly set you apart from your competition.

If you want to make a school, job or career move, you can build confidence and exceed market demands by working with our Professional Writers.

We can help you captivate your audience and improve your marketability—overnight. We care enough to guarantee satisfaction from start to finish. Take a look at a few of our interview-generating samples.


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Listen to what Satisfied Clients have to say

If you want positive, immediate results from your self marketing efforts,call us today.

And if you want to move through the interview process successfully, check out our Portfolio Services and Coaching Programs to gain the competitive edge you need.

When we join forces, everyone’s Mission IS PossibleTM

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