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I just re-watched your (Toastmasters International) Championship speech Mission: I’ PossibleTM and I wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration. I could literally feel what it was like to go through the journey as you spoke. I am trying to figure out the next phase of my life…and I felt like you were talking directly to me, especially when you said, “You have to discern what you’re willing to do for your dream and take calculated risks that work for you”. Thank you again for taking the time to share your story with us. I got so much out of it.

Jessica, Toastmasters Member, 2011

My deepest thanks for your fabulous seminar on Resumes that Break the Ice at Lowerre Place public library.  It was a small gathering, but you spoke to us with the same passion and professionalism as if we were a crowd of hundreds. 

I enjoyed your vibrant energy and enthusiasm.  I walked away feeling quite positive, obviously some of your great energy flowed my way.  Your company's motto: Set No Limits Break All Boundaries plays in my head, especially when I feel in doubt.  Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.  Since the seminar, I've been tweaking my resume.  The tips you gave have been very helpful. Again, I thank you.

Sonia, Workshop Attendee, 2010

I got a call from Chief Campisi of IAB this afternoon.  You got rave reviews from the entire group. He was most impressed (with your Tactical Communications Presentation). Thanks for once again sharing your unique skills and enthusiasm….and especially with a group that is certainly a bit ‘off the beaten path’.

Dan Sosnowik, Chief Executive Development Office, 2010

Thank you so much for your PERFECT lecture. As a 20-year instructor in the police department and now as an adjunct, I can honestly say it
was wonderful.

Christine Servedio, Deputy Inspector, Corruption Prevention Division, IAB, 2010

...Without exaggeration, yours is a most impressive presentation; the polished mix of information, personal anecdote, interactivity, humor, and flair is truly second to noneView full acknowledgement letter

-Captain Daniel Sosnowik, Executive Development Section, NYPD, 2009

…thank you again for a really on-point valuable presentation. In a word, they were very impressed. From the critique sheets you can see they really appreciated your presentation and most wanted a much longer presentation on this topic (Public Speaking). In terms of our community meeting later in the day, I definitely saw several of (our Captains) trying to employ some of the techniques, hand gestures and the like (you provided).  We will certainly be seeing you soon.

-Captain Daniel Sosnowik, Executive Development Section, NYPD, 2010

It was a real treat to see both the Semi-Finals and Final Competition at this year’s Toastmasters International World Champion Speaker Contest. Out of the many, there were only a couple of presenters that really stood out and shined above all others. You were at the top of that list for me. You are not only an amazing speaker, but an incredible human being. When you speak with others and in front of a group, you are competent and very confident, but never arrogant. You display such poise, humor and genuine respect for others. I love public speaking and helping others and aspire to be on the International stage some day. You are an inspiration!

-Cara Wasden, Toastmasters Member and Nature Guide, California, 2010

I feel like the Speak Like a Pro workshop has helped me to establish the order and gain the confidence (I need) as it relates to delivering what I am passionate about. I am excited, encouraged and ready to implement all that Lisa delivered today!

-Ru Kuya Pugh, Warren, OH, National Afterschool Association, 2010

Your seminar was great! Lisa was amazing; so upbeat and vibrant!

-Ebony, Events Coordinator, Rye Brook Business Council’s Mega Mixer, 2010

This presentation was the best I’ve seen in years. You did not lose me for one second. The clarity was superb. I had to come back for the second presentation to learn more.

—Zura, Westchester County Job Fair, 2008

Kudos to a perfect presentation! You have demonstrated the best qualities of a committed, interested and motivated public speaker. I came back a second time just to make sure it wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

—Vittero, Westchester County Job Fair, 2007

I was reluctant at first, but the title of this presentation caused me to pause and pursue to listen. I now know that I made a very good choice, not just for the content, but the power. Having made corporate presentations myself over the years, yours was excellent. You had command of the audience, great eye contact, listened well, blended the questions into the seminar, added a little humor when needed, great hand gestures, and most of all, you moved through the audience without loosing your train of thought. The content went across with authority.

—Edmond, Surviving the Job Market Jungle Workshop, 2007

Lisa is dynamic and original.  You must hear her speak.  She is a life changer.

—Dennard Mitchell, Co-owner of Men of Vision Worldwide, LLC, 2007

You are such a dynamic speaker.  The survey indicated you were their favorite.

—Carol Allen Covino, Director of Outreach, Berkeley College, 2006

Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom, presented with great humor and enthusiasm.  Your program received only the most positive comments, and was considered one of the highlights of the entire three-day schedule.

—Sharon McNulty, Director, College of Saint Elizabeth, 2005

Thank you for a spectacular presentation.  Our student’s were interested and related to your realness.  It is hard to engage a large group of girls but you did it with ease.

—Elisa and Ruth, Guidance Counselors, St. Raymond’s Academy for Girls, 2005

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