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Service Policies

Privacy Policy

1. Careers Advance views all consultation, intake and coaching sessions as deeply personal conversations. They are designed to be a safe, comfortable space for people to be candid and to be free to express frustrations, concerns, ideas and goals. Thus, confidentiality is crucial to the experience.

In this regard, while Careers Advance collects certain information to conduct client services, under no circumstances will any personal or professional data, including payment details, mailing/email addresses, phone numbers, employer names, etc., as well as deliverables (resumes, letters, bios, etc.), be shared with any third party without expressed consent from our client or associate.

2. On such occasions where a potential networking opportunity is deemed appropriate and viable, Careers Advance will make a 'connection request' via phone or email to each party (clients, associates, recruiters, hiring managers, etc.). Only upon approval from both parties will a formal introduction be made and contact information shared.

Service Policy

1. Careers Advance delivers all services to the best of its experience and expertise, and strives to achieve ultimate client satisfaction. In such, we offer multiple editing sessions for all writing services and provide intersession support (via email and phone) for all coaching services in order to respond to immediate questions and concerns.

2. While clients usually experience immediate results and see incremental changes in their campaign success over the course of a coaching program or writing service, sustained change occurs when you, the client, are taking consistent action over a period of time. Outcomes vary by client and due to market conditions and company hiring needs/decision-making processes out of our control, specific results, including salary increases, promotions and new employment cannot be guaranteed.

3. With a vested interest in our clients' success and well being, Careers Advance takes into account all personal and professional information the client is willing to share in order to develop customized career plans, job search strategies and networking/interviewing communications. However, coaching and the coaching relationship are in no way to be considered or construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy. Careers Advance will provide referrals to clients requiring services outside our scope of expertise.

4. As the client, you agree not to hold Careers Advance liable for any adverse actions or consequences created as a result of a specific comment, observation, process, inquiry, challenge, suggestion, etc. Deciding how to incorporate coaching into any area of your career and/or business, how to handle any issues that arise, and how you implement the choices you make is solely your responsibility.

Appointment Scheduling Policy

1. Careers Advance is committed to providing dedicated services and helping our clients achieve the results they desire. Therefore, we vow to be on time for all scheduled appointments, including consultations, intake/editing sessions and coaching sessions conducted via phone or in-person. We do appreciate the same courtesy from our clients. Lack of timely participation will interfere with our ability to deliver the service(s) for which we have been retained.

If you, the client, anticipate being later than 15 minutes to any scheduled appointment or need to reschedule or cancel an appointment for any reason, 24-hour notice is required via phone, email or text. This will allow us to adjust our schedule accordingly and tend to other, equally important, client needs.

A $50 fee will be assessed for any lateness beyond 15 minutes, any no-show, or any rescheduling or cancellation request made without 24-hour notice. Emergency situations will be considered.

Termination & Forfeit Policy*

1. If, during any consultation, intake or coaching session, information shared by the client creates an uncomfortable feeling for the writer/coach or steps outside of our ethics and integrity base, Careers Advance will let the client know and reserve the right to terminate the service relationship.

2. Each coaching session and coaching program (multi-session series) is designed with our clients' goals in mind. Careers Advance will work with you to build a schedule that accommodates your life/work obligations and personal needs. However, we consider all coaching sessions/programs to be a fixed commitment to be completed in the agreed designated time frame. Our purpose is to provide service continuity while helping you to maintain momentum and generate desired results within your career campaign. As life can often interfere with set plans, Careers Advance offers a six month grace period for which to complete any coaching session/program from its original start date.

Please note that standard business practice is to collect full payment at the end of an individual coaching session or first session of a coaching program.

If you've contracted a coaching program and wish to cancel immediately after the first session of your program has been fulfilled, you will be charged for time spent at the current per-hour coaching rate.

If for any reason after the first coaching session has been fulfilled you have chosen to stop participating in your coaching program (e.g., not initiated contact to schedule subsequent sessions or responded to our contact in the same regard), and the six month grace period has expired, you will by that choice forfeit any remaining sessions and other features included in your program.

Should you have any major concerns, emergencies, extreme hardships or significant conflicts during the course of any coaching or writing service, please advise us as soon as practical and we will work together to determine the appropriate course of action as it relates to your commitment.

* Corporate, institutional and organizational clients are to refer to their specific contract for terms and conditions related to our Speaking Platforms.

Copyright Policy

1. Individual coaching programs carry take-away resource materials, such as self-analysis exercises, topic-specific instructional guides, personal branding sheets and activity tracking tools. Some of these materials may be available for purchase on our website for individuals seeking to enhance their campaign without entering into a coaching program. All such materials are the property of Careers Advance.

If you’ve received such materials through your invested coaching program or purchased such materials via our website, they are for the sole purpose of supporting you in reaching your goals. No materials may be shared, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means or used to produce derivative works without explicit written permission from Careers Advance.

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