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Mission: I’m PossibleTM Road to Success Poster | Buy Now

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Get ready to inspire your students to reach their dreams!

From grade school to high school and beyond, our Mission: I’m Possible Poster helps students get on the road to success and empowers them to take ownership of their journey. Created by Lisa Panarello, the Founder of Careers Advance, this engaging, educational Poster sparks young minds with strategies for jump starting careers, tools to help navigate the road ahead and tips for leveraging each new opportunity. Students will learn how to launch their dreams as they read the road signs and enjoy the curves. For a truly educational experience, teachers and counselors can turn each milestone into fun, individual assignments and group projects.

Posters work great when placed in student-centered areas, such as classrooms, libraries, guidance offices and hallway showcases. Purchase yours Mission: I’m PossibleTM Road to Success Poster today!

Want to share the inspiration with your team and hang your Road to Success Poster in multiple locations? Buy two and get one FREE.

For any questions or more information on how you can apply this groundbreaking tool, contact Lisa Panarello directly at 718-605-2290 or write

For information on our Mission: I’m PossibleTM career-readiness curriculum, click to view our Educational Programs.


Power of A Smile DVD | Buy now

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Get ready for a transforming message delivered with
energy, passion and humor!

You’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s not just what you say, but how you say it.”  Well, if you’ve never taken a good strong look at your face, it’s time—because how we look actually determines how we are heard.

In less than 12 minutes, this DVD will give you the power to:
 Uncover your real face—how others see you.
Identify the meaning behind your face—how others perceive you.
Tap into your inner strength—how you can view your world.
Develop a positive attitude—and survive every day!

No matter where you are in life, no matter how young, aged, educated or challenged, you have the power to change your world and those around you.

Invest in your DVD copy today, and put the power of a smile in your hands!

To book The Power of A Smile live at your next event, call Lisa Panarello directly at 718-605-2290.

If you care to share your ‘smile’ experiences, please feel free to email us at

Unleash the Leader within You | Buy now

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Get ready to reach your next level of success!

Whether it is succeeding in a career, making more money or accomplishing personal goals, there is another level, and YOU CAN get there.

Join 15 of America’s top professional speakers, authors, trainers and consultants as they bring their unique wisdom, strategies and ideas together to show you know to Unleash The Leader Within You!

One chapter, one phrase, even one sentence can ignite the limitless possibilities that await you—and help you reach the next level of your passion.

Get started now!

Invest in your Book copy today, and unleash the leader within you!

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