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Imagine sitting in a room with several other candidates waiting to be seen. You’re all dressed professionally and have a great resume in hand, yet you are armed with a portfolio.

Immediately, the scale is tipped in your favor.

Now imagine being asked in the interview: Describe your skills and achievements? You all articulate responses well, yet you tell your story with visual aids—in other words, proof.

Immediately, at every page turn, you are more believable.

Portfolios are the most underestimated self-development tool and underused talking-tool ever available.

You may be thinking, ‘portfolios are for creative people’. Well, yes, portfolios serve fashion designers, architects, web designers and graphic artists alike very well. Yet, a portfolio is simply a case for measuring talent and can be used for any field—yes any field.

At Careers Advance we can help you remove self doubt by translating bullets on your résumé into tangible proof and help you package your visual aids in a portfolio that packs power.

To get started, view 6 Steps to Portfolio Power. Then give us a call to take your power to the exponential level.

Once you have your written tools and visual proof, you’re ready to positively impact your verbal communications. 

Visit our Coaching Services to find out how you can bring your resume and portfolio to life, blow the competition away and negotiate your way to ‘yes’ through the 4 P’s of Interviewing Success.

When we work together, Your Mission IS PossibleTM

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