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Company Overview

One great satisfaction in life is to love what you do for a living—and actually get paid to do what you love.

Careers Advance is a full service, New York-based Center for Professional Development specializing in guiding individuals to see, seek and secure their career life dreams.

Built on 14 years of diverse industry experience of its founder, Lisa Panarello, Careers Advance provides coaching, training and support for all phases of true career planning and development.

We help individuals identify and leverage their strengths, accomplishments and unique selling points. And we help them overcome liabilities, market boundaries and life obstacles to position themselves for self-designed success.

As career journeys are unique to all, we customize our writing services, coaching practices and communication strategies to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, including the young, seasoned, employed and unemployed.

In addition, we offer comprehensive educational programs for our institutional clientele, including high schools, colleges and corporate associates.

We coach. We write. We train. We speak. We motivate. Most of all: We listen. Whether we deliver one resume, one coaching session, one presentation, or a series of services, we care from the moment we connect. And we remain true to our mission throughout each client's journey. In fact, it’s our clients’ journey that has given us our wonderful history.

When we work together, your Mission IS PossibleTM