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There are millions of job postings on the Internet, in newspapers and industry magazines, thousands held with recruiters—and many more unpublished.

It takes dozens of résumé submissions to get one call back. It takes persistence to set that first meeting. It takes 3, 4, 5, and sometimes even more interviews to hear ‘you're hired’.

And employers seem to want it all—years of industry related experience, advanced education, technical proficiencies, proven critical thinking skills, etc.

Today’s job search process is complicated to say the least.

We can help make it simple and put you back in the driver seat.

Are you a recent college graduate ready for your first major career move?
Are you a mid-level manager on the rise?
Are you an executive seeking a C-level position?
Are you a parent looking to reenter the workforce?
Are you an entrepreneur looking for a business loan?
Are you an entrepreneur looking to reenter the corporate arena?
Are you an industry professional seeking a career change?
Are you a consultant seeking new project work?

We can help you position yourself for the opportunities you desire.

Have you had many short-term jobs within your career history?
Have you been considered under qualified or over qualified?
Have you been passed over for a promotion?
Have you been fired, laid off, demoted or forced into early retirement?
Have you just had enough of your current position and company?

We can help you position yourself for the opportunities you deserve.

Isn’t it time you found a career you loved—and got paid well to do it?
Isn’t it time you worked in a place you enjoyed and respected?
Isn’t it time you smiled before, during and after a day’s work?

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to get your tools in gear. Visit our Writing Services, Portfolio Services and Coaching Programs and call us today.

When we work together, your Mission Is PossibleTM

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