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Company History

Careers Advance has positively impacted thousands of lives and our clients have impacted ours for over a decade through a wonderful journey of growth and transformation.

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1996—Lisa Panarello launched @FuturesDirect, a forward thinking Résumé Writing Service catering to college, associate and management level professionals. Over the next six years, Lisa supported her clients while simultaneously pursuing her careers in sales and marketing operations as Art Director, Project Manager and Account Manager.

1997—Résumés became the must-have tool to survive. As major events in the job market occurred, such as massive layoffs, downsizings, shut downs, global outsourcings and general economy shifts, thousands were at a significant loss and in panic. Calls flooded in from all over the country. Within just two years, Lisa personally created over 2,000 résumés and cover letters that captured the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers and gave job seekers the first level of confidence they needed to pursue immediate job opportunities. With the satisfaction of each new client came another. @FuturesDirect was thrilled to be a part of its clients’ groundbreaking success.

1998—The Internet exploded with a web of job opportunities and a world of competition. Job searching would never be the same—nor would @FuturesDirect.

Résumé requests were just the beginning. For each new client came a new question, such as, “Do I appear as a job hopper? Does my experience in another country count? Should I include salary history? Are jobs posted on the Internet actually real? Do you think posting my résumé is necessary? Is it worth my time to work with recruiters? What kind of jobs am I qualified for?”

This is just the tip of the iceberg that melted into a sea of curiosity, anxiety, doubt and fear. As we began to meet the growing needs of our clients, @FuturesDirect endured a company name change to better reflect its expanding services.

Having survived many economies, job search campaigns and several careers herself, Lisa could not sit idly by as American’s suffered to find their way through the muck and mire of the ever challenging and changing job market.

2002—Careers Advance was founded as a full-service career planning and development practice dedicated to enabling the launch and progression of triumphant careers—while sharing a personal stake in every client’s immediate and ongoing success. This stage of operations included two divisions: Résumé Writing & Creative Development and Coaching.

2003—While serving as CEO and Chief CMP (Career Management Professional), Lisa was encouraged to pursue a public speaking opportunity with Monster’s Making It Count organization. By year 2005, Lisa reached over 350,000 students, parents, teachers and counselors across the nation with educational, motivational presentations on topics including career exploration, college planning, study skills and financial aid.

Touching the lives of our youth inspired Lisa to turn her speaking talent into a unique educational platform and bring job search training to life for all-level job seekers. 

2005—Careers Advance transcended into a dedicated Center for Professional Development and established a full-scale one-on-one Career Coaching Program that combined career exploration activities, job search strategies and interview training sessions with dedicated phone/email support.

Simultaneously, Careers Advance created a customizable workshop series and delivered Job-Seeker Education Programs in such schools as Baruch College, Manhattan College and Hair Design Institute.

By empowering individuals one at a time to break ground in and advance their careers, Lisa came into a new, wide-scope vision and mission: To teach individuals across America to see, seek, and secure their dream careers.

Immediately, an Educational Services Division was launched that transformed the 12-step one-on-one Program into a revolutionary, workshop-based Career-Readiness Curriculum.

2006— To enable our youth to thrive through college and work world transitions, Careers Advance developed Mission: I’m Possible, a groundbreaking career-readiness curriculum that educates on the A-Z steps of the ever challenging job search process. Our inaugural graduation of 27 students at Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy has led to a repetitive annual program and requests from various educational institutions locally and nationwide.

2007— In response to today’s competitive job market and workplace demands, Careers Advance formed a Communications Training Division that offers vigorous one-on-one instruction and group training programs in the areas of Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Self Marketing, Interpersonal Relations and Business Writing Etiquette.

2008— The Founder & CEO of Careers Advance, Lisa Panarello, appeared on The CBS Early Show to speak with two recent college graduates struggling to gain new employment. Her advice improved the marketability of their résumé and advanced their job searching skills. Later that year, Lisa was asked back to serve as Career Coach in The Early Show’s Job Squad Series where she guided a senior-level candidate from post-layoff stagnation to confident, active job seeker.

2010— Lisa Panarello qualified for Toastmasters International World Champion Speaker contest and delivered her The Power of a Smile speech that won at Club, Area, Division and District levels in NY/NJ. Throughout this process, she rose above 30,000 contestants worldwide and took first place in the Semi-Finals at Palm Desert Springs, CA. This led her to the Top 9 Finalists Competition where she inspired an audience of over 2,000 with her Mission I’m Possible speech.

Today, Careers Advance continues to forge ahead as a passionate leader in professional development services while standing on its principles of individualized attention and unwavering commitment to our client’s happiness and self-designed success. 

Additionally, Lisa Panarello, the Founder & CEO of Careers Advance, continues to inspire thousands across the country as America’s MVP Coach.

Meet the founder

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