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You are an absolute one of a kind and I want you to know that your (Speak Like A Pro) workshop was great; awesome job.  I used some of your techniques this past weekend. 

Kevin, 21st Century/Gear Up Coordinator, NAA Convention, 2010

You did a great job. Solid preparation. Interactive nature of
the (workplace etiquette) training helped to make it enjoyable
as well as educational.

—Kelly Walsh, IT Director, The College of Westchester, 2009

You are such a dynamic speaker.  The survey indicated you were
their favorite.

—Carol Covino, Director of Outreach, Berkeley College, 2006

Thank you for your wonderful words of wisdom, presented with great humor and enthusiasm.  Your program received only the most positive comments, and was considered one of the highlights of the entire three-day schedule.

—Sharon McNulty, Director, College of Saint Elizabeth, 2005

Thank you for a spectacular presentation.  Our student’s were interested and related to your realness.  It is hard to engage a large group of girls but you did it with ease.

—Elisa and Ruth Ann, Guidance Counselors, St. Raymond for Girls Academy, 2005

Excellent presentation.  The instructors were “wowed” and student feedback was excellent! You did a marvelous job “breaking the ice”!

—Laura Friedman, Placement Coordinator, Katharine Gibbs Schools, 2004


I was nervous about my future. It seemed like it was a dark tunnel that was never going to end. I saw myself scared to enter that tunnel. After going to this class, I am no longer scared of what lies ahead. I feel ready to face any problems head on. To me personally, Mission: I’m PossibleTM was the light that made my life clear to me.

Student, Career-Readiness Program, 2011

I just want to thank you for this great opportunity. I'm so grateful for taking this class. It changed my life a lot as a person and a student. Before I started this journey I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into, but through out the weeks I learned about myself and what I want to do with my future. You are a wonderful person who really cares about teaching and helping others succeed in life.

Giselle, Career-Readiness Program, 2011

I am very happy that I completed this program. It was very educating and interesting, I also made friends.

Bria, Career-Readiness Program, 2011

I am very glad I completed this program because now I know what I want to study and if I change my mind, I know how to look for
another career.

Gabriella, Career-Readiness Program, 2011

Ever since I started this program I have been learning very important things that are actually helpful in the real world. I also have been working hard and completing assignments, and it has all paid off.

Jiordalys, Career-Readiness Program, 2011

I’m writing to tell you of how much your class helped me, especially into getting in the school of my dreams! I used all the skills and tips from class and boy did they work! I went with my portfolio to Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University and Vassar University interviews. I barely got nervous and got accepted to 8 top colleges. I even got an internship at a salon with your tips. Although I didn’t get into Yale, the interviewer (after I followed your networking advice) invited me to stay in touch and have coffee. I’m so thankful I took your class.

—Claryliz, Career-Readiness Program, 2010

Thank you for being an inspiration to myself as well as the other students. It is through your encouragement that I will develop a plan for my objectives, prepare my strategy, practice my skills and focus on my passion!

—Jasmine, Manhattan College, Networking Workshop, 2009

You have inspired me to go for my goal and stop wasting time.

—Vinecia, Senior, Cardinal Spellman High School, Career Exploration Presentation, 2008

You made me think how much better my life could be if I just managed my time.

—Mike, Orange Ulster BOCES, 2008

Thank you for the presentation. I am walking differently now – my shoulders high and with much more confidence thanks to you.

—Melissa, Manhattan College, Speak Like A Pro Workshop, 2008

I came across your DVD on how a permanent smile would change your life. Instead of watching the horror film, I slipped in the DVD and I couldn’t help but smile thinking of the wonderful experiences you’ve given me. I nearly cried because it reminded me that you have brought out the best in me.

—Gina, Senior, Career Readiness Program, 2007

I would recommend this program to future students because it was an experience I will never forget. I feel if more people had this opportunity, they would be as calm as I am about finding my career and having my first interview.

—Charnelle, Senior, Career Readiness Program, 2007

Thanks for the words of wisdom. I personally have the confidence today to go on an interview and be prepared and comfortable within the environment.

—Neville, Senior, Lincoln High School, Bank of America Internship Program, 2007

Your insights were truly helpful, and have given me enough advice to make profitable decisions to survive when I begin to live on my own and in college.

—Maxwell, Senior, Cardinal Spellman High School, Financial Management Presentation, 2007

I had an interview on Saturday and took your research advice. The interviewer was impressed that I had taken the time to go the extra step. This class has really paid off and I feel so much more confident. I’ve assessed all that I’ve done throughout middle and high school years and I have a whole new understanding of my accomplishments. I can’t wait until next week’s class!

—Leslie, Junior, Career Readiness Program, 2006

Thanks to something I learned in your class, I am getting scholarship money for college!

—Kandace, Career-Readiness Program, 2006

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