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Curriculum Goals & Learning Objectives

We do not take our youth’s success lightly. There is much to be done to secure a happy future. It's for these very reasons that M.I.P. was born and is designed to:

Advocate career ownership and proven possibility of leading a self-designed work life.

Utilize “what if” planning now to reduce “if I only knew or did it sooner” stress later.

Provide practical and motivational instruction in the art of career planning.

Help students recognize their achievements and learn from challenges.

Prepare students for the realities of college/job searching and the interviewing process.

Train in basic and progressive techniques of self-marketing (written, oral and creative).

Help increase each student’s competitive advantage.

Promote the value of internships and volunteerism.

Instruct on how to develop mentoring relationships and establish professional networks.

Enable students to pursue career dreams and job goals with confidence.

To envision your student’s success in a way that fits your school’s goals, check out our Program Delivery Formats.