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The challenge is on to understand the ins and outs of today’s job search market. In order to survive, we have to utilize all available resources effectively and manage the rigorous recruiting/interviewing process.

The key is to have multiple opportunities in the pipeline in order to maintain momentum and keep options open.  It can be done.

In our opinion, job descriptions are merely employer’s wish lists. They are seeking the perfect candidate while job seekers are searching for the perfect position—neither exists. 

The focus should be on finding the most suitable opportunity for YOU and proving that you are the best possible fit. However, we know this isn’t easy.

We understand the doubts that come from being unemployed or out of the market for a while. We understand the fears that arise when comparing oneself to the competition. We understand the frustration of applications that go unanswered, calls unreturned and emails non-responsive.

We know the work involved in finding jobs, applying to jobs, interviewing and negotiating a package, all while trying to keep your current job (not to mention a clean house, a work out routine, a social life and precious family commitments). 

Finding a job is a full time job without the pay. Why spin your wheels?

Before you start your job and career campaign, STOP.  If you don’t want to waste your time, energy and money, stop and think about what you’re truly looking for and how you will go after it.

At Careers Advance, we help take the mystery, doubt and stress out of the process by developing an individualized career development plan and personalized job search strategy to fit your lifestyle, daily schedule, short/long term career objectives and financial goals.

Our full-scale coaching programs take you step by step from the exploratory phase all the way through to “You're hired”.

Through customized, high-impact, task-oriented, goal setting, self-paced coaching, our programs educate and train in all aspects necessary to achieve desired career results—sooner than later.

Our 12-step Coaching Program involves weekly one-hour phone sessions* on the following:

1. Skills, Values, Interests and Personality Assessment
2. Career Identification & Research
3. Waging Multi-channel Job Campaigns
4. Online Job Searching
5. Working with Professional Recruiters
6. Professional Image Development
7. Relationship Networking for Results
8. Interview Planning & Preparation
9. Mock Interviewing
10. Follow Through & Negotiation
11. Workplace Communications
12. Career Progression/Change Management

*In-person sessions can be available for NY tri-state residents. Please inquire.

Keep in mind:

There is no cookie cutter approach. While the above program is modeled off of the 12 steps it takes to go from looking to securing a job, it all depends on what you are searching for, what you have to offer, where you are in the process and how many questions you have.

Sessions are customized with in depth exploratory exercises (verbal/written), learning aids and reference tools and in-between phone/email support, which are highly encouraged.

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you need. So why wait? Give us a call.

There is absolutely no obligation.  In a free consultation, we just may be able to answer that one nagging question and get you back on track.

And if we discover that you have a dream, a grand plan, then we can help you meet your own expectations, one step at a time.

Either way, we look forward to hearing from you and for the chance to impact your success today.

When we work together, Your Mission IS PossibleTM

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