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Our Mission

Given the challenge of today’s economy and job market, our mission is vast because we aim to help every individual who crosses our path—even if we never see them again. We believe that one idea, one phrase, even one word can make a difference.

Our mission is to build self-confidence, encourage positive attitude and educate individuals and groups of diverse disciplines in their career exploration, empowering them to:

Find IT
Know IT
Build IT
Market IT
Direct IT
Grow IT 
Keep IT
Change IT
Advance IT
Want IT
Love IT

Our main goal is to reduce frustration, doubt and fear of the unknown and undone while reducing time to preferred employment.

Our strategies and tactics are geared to:

Steer you away from seeking ‘job security’—and towards achieving ‘self security’.

Guide you towards ‘self-generating’ activity—and away from ever feeling ‘stuck’ again.

Educate in areas of self-assessment, confidence building, self-marketing and self-development.

Provide a structured, flexible framework for dealing with the madness of job searching.

Train on key methods of conducting efficient, multi-channel, results-generating job campaigns.

Support personal and professional growth and assist in new career/job transitions.

Foster self-reflection and evaluation for effective career maintenance, growth and change.

Promote the Ten Commandments of Career Success*:

1. Choose work you love
2. Develop competence
3. Learn self-confidence
4. Be assertive
5. Take Risks
6. Strive for visibility
7. Take credit for success
8. Accept responsibility (whatever happens)
9. Be a team player
10. Develop a sense of humor!

* VGM’s Career Checklist

Our mission is achievable because of its founding principle that everyone’s Mission Is Possible.TM

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