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Institutional Programs

Millions of educators and administrators across the country pour their heart and soul into providing students with a safe, secure, engaging and encouraging learning environment—a daunting task indeed.

In today’s school system, financial incentives are often not available to attract and retain talented, dedicated educational teams. What more can you do?

At Careers Advance, we offer dynamic, high energy, turnkey speaking programs to keep your staff motivated and productive through their daily, monthly and yearly challenges.

What we offer:

Key Note Inspirations
School-based Seminars
Hands-on Workshops

Off-Site Trainings
Lunch & Learns
Train-the-Trainer Programs

What we specialize in:

Syllabus Development
Lesson & Activity Planning
Leadership Development
Diversity & Team Building
Effective Decision Making
True Time Management

Classroom Presentation Skills
Public Speaking Skills
Career Progression Planning
Work-life Balance
Personal Finance Management
The Power of a Smile

How We Are Different:
In two words: customization and humor. We dig deep to uncover your particular situation and concerns through in-depth questions and profiling. Next, we adapt the language, tools and exercises of our proven programs to fit your institution’s culture and objectives through:

Guessing Game Ice Breakers
On-the-Spot Challenges
Self Assessment Worksheets

Emotional Intelligence Games
Situational Role Plays
Team-based Problem Solving

Finally, we deliver our tailored programs with a balance of reality and fun.

Whether it’s a 30 minute Keynote Inspiration or complete training program, your staff will smile throughout and walk away energized, motivated and educated with practical, insightful, powerful strategies they can implement right away. They will learn to get beyond their egos to be reflective, not reactive; positive, not negative; focused, not distracted; committed, not conflicted—and ready to meet the challenges of your school and students.

If you’re seeking to improve results and rewards, then call us today. We’ll be ready to customize a program to do just that—because your success impacts our children’s success.

When we work together, your Mission IS PossibleTM

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